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Contents are organised into two major components:
1. The homepage is constantly updated with new information. During the project start-up stage, contents will only be available in their original language (one of the languages provided in the language bar) If your language choice is different from the language of the text, only the title will be translated.
2. Interesting materials are also provided on the left side of the homepage. They are classified regarding the four major sections of the web and digital magazine. Contents are available in the language of the foreign entity or in the official language of the Mediterranean country where it is settled.
Sections include:

Info Culture

Info Economics, Business and Management

Info Health and Science/Technology

Info Society and interpersonal relations, Tourism, Associations, etc.

In order to facilitate the access to articles, reports, interviews and other published contents, each section has been assigned a colour. Thus, blue is given to Culture, yellow to Society, red to Business and green to the Scientific and Technological areas. If sections overlap (i.e. a university campus where different fields of study coexist) black will be used.
The materials and documentation will be alphabetically presented, as well as the different countries and significant regions. If an entity is neither located in the Mediterranean nor has a specific geographical location (only on the Internet), it will be included in the “Global” section.
The five languages in which you will find all the contents of the portal web and digital magazine have been determined due to the number of speakers of these languages in the Mediterranean. Thus, French, Spanish, Italian and Catalan are the vehicular languages from the Mediterranean, together with English which it is used by many personalities and communities that have such a significative presence in our geographical area.
Rarely will political news be covered and only when it is especially relevant or specific. If this is the case, it will be included in the Society section.