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Our Objectives

The people that live in the countries of the Mediterranean share a physical space, suffer the same pressure of globalisation and care about economic development as well as about environmental sustainability. We feel that our destinies are entwined but sometimes it seems we still live turned against each other. We believe that the sea of Culture, of Commerce and, therefore, of Freedom must turn into a permanent link between the countries in the north, called for European integration, and those of the South, which are involved in economic, social and political development.
In the digital communication era, the Internet is the main tool that we can use to bring our experiences and concerns together. We need to strengthen our ties in cultural, economic, scientific and technical fields to expand the exchanges of our goods and services as well as our diverse ideas from cultural perspectives.


We offer a web portal of constantly updated information about data and contacts from the most diverse entities, associations, initiatives and projects that are centred around the Mediterranean. Our goal is to give voice to the different points of view and perspectives that merge in the particular Mediterranean way of understanding life in society, interpersonal communication, gastronomy, architecture, ludic spaces, commerce or industry.
The physical and cultural framework of our message is the sea that we share. The sea that has brought about the encounter of the great civilisations which hold the ideals of liberty and progress. The sea that has facilitated the cultural transmission between the Eastern and Western worlds. Our message is predominantly intra-Mediterranean in order to favour interests and encounters in our mutual progress. However, the ambition of the project is also to ensure that our common vision and shared interests are spread beyond Mediterranean countries. The message is conveyed in the different languages that can constitute this Mediterranean culture, and not only through the web portal but also through the digital magazine that will be updating its contexts periodically.


Together with the web portal and digital magazine, a discussion forum initiative is open to all ideas, points of view and opinions expressed in a correct and respectful manner. The forum is permanently available and offered to everyone who is open to positive change and progress. We invite eager minds and free spirits to join us, no matter their condition or precedence. All citizens of the world understand that free culture and commerce as the basis for knowledge and respect among people.