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Who we are

comuniMED ( is a web portal, digital magazine and discussion forum created by the Club Marca Mediterrani. The Fòrum is a public Catalan platform for progressive journalists, businessmen and other professionals who are open to intercultural dialogue and innovation in all areas.
ComuniMED is carried out by the production team of Dobleerre Editorial (, which, from its specialization in the areas of social sciences, tries to provide active contents with the purpose of fostering enterprising and innovative ideas among young professionals, private organizations and public administrations.
Dobleerre publishes the digital magazine inQUALITAS (,, which promotes quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the production of goods and services. It aims at building mutual respect between society and the business world, as well as at improving political and administrative mechanisms to favour fair, efficient and sustainable economic dynamics.
Both ComuniMED and inQUALITAS are completely independent media and are not controlled by any organisation, government, association or belief of any kind.
Our motto is:
We share the sea, let’s share the future. Nous partageons la mer, partageons le futur. Compartimos el mar, compartamos el futuro. Condividiamo il mare, condividiamo il futuro. Compartim el mar, compartim el futur.