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Tolerance, respect and mutual cooperation have always characterised the collective action of the Catalan community. This same spirit is what impels us to start this communicative space where friendly and constructive relationship, from equal to equal, will be encouraged between all the communities that live and express in the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Especially with people who, involved in economic development and social progress, work to preserve the environment, the landscapes and the Mediterranean way of life that build our Culture.
To select the main areas of interest, we have applied a wide geographical criterion. Thus, apart from including French and Italian interior regions which we think they are much involved with the Mediterranean area and culture, we also add to the list Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Vatican.
As we state in Our Objectives, “The Mediterranean, the sea that has brought about the encounter of the great civilisations which hold the ideals of liberty and progress; the sea that has facilitated the cultural transmission between the Eastern and Western worlds is the physical and cultural framework of our message.”
The main objective of the portal web is to link the diverse sensitivities that merge in what we can call being Mediterranean. The portal web is also a digital magazine, with periodically updated contents, and a discussion forum open to all ideas and points of view expressed in a correct and respectful manner. The forum is permanently available to everyone who is willing positive change and progress. We invite eager minds and free spirits to join us, no matter their condition or precedence. All citizens of the world that understand free culture and commerce as the basis for knowledge and respect among people.
In this first stage, the major part of the contents will be referred to the four main languages of the website: French, Spanish, Italian and Catalan, although our intention is to amplify contents and cover all the big languages of the Mediterranean. However, it is possible that in this first stage of the webpage some of the articles will not be available in your language choice.
This is not a political space, even though we are aware that political issues can condition the selection of our contents. Thus, whenever political news is covered, we will always adopt a neutral position in order to maintain the harmony between the discrepancies that might arise.